99 Really Funny Cover Photos For Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline cover photo is a 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall image that displays at the top of your profile page, with your profile picture at the bottom left corner of your cover photo. Like your profile image, cover photo is visible to the public. Therefore, it is a great place to be creative and unique to impress the others. There are lots of things you can do with the huge blank space – to show your favorite quotes, panoramic photos, cute images, etc.

In this post, I have selected 101 hilarious cover photos for your Facebook Timeline that will make a funny impression around your friends. All of these timeline covers are hand picked from various Facebook profile cover websites. Simply click on the particular picture to download the high resolution image from its original website.

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Woah, what a lot of wasted space! If you fall, i'll be there! The Profile cover of this user had been disabled, due to undearable good looks, charm, and charisma Facebook wasting people lives since 2004 You are being monitored Everything looks official with tiny leaves around it Quitting Facebook Stalker I have an evil monkey living in my Timeline Evolution of man fight Back in my day The system is either busy or has become unstable Hey you Loading Wait Push button receive bacon I fixed it! Hiding from stupid people Hardest button to click Sorry nothing is here This timeline shit sucks Oh shit not you again So he killed your dad Orange juice Holy crap Larry is that you Punch button anti social Need for sleep Black cat Hey look its me! Studying Hide a body The uploader has not made this cover available in your country Facebook is like alcohol I'm not doing shit today I am famous Forever alone Banana Creeper Domo Yell Funny wallpaper 1 Woman talk Gangsta duckies Facebook quote Your face Meme Bullets God Made Pussy And Bitch Got Milk Problem 1 Y U No Guy Monkeys Google Classic Surveillance What Are You Looking At Motivation Motivational Believe Succeed Pokemon Fu Ladies Funny Dinosaur Dinosaurs Trex T Rex Look Below Funny Error 404 Girlfriend Moo Egg Under Construction HOW Pointing Dinosaur is going to eat you!! ARRRGH!!! XX comment lol Single And Well error 404 Most Interesting Man in the World Halo Over Head You like me Evolution I Like Creepers Signpost Top hat Look Left Cool Dude Stop Looking At My Screen Gods Gift to Women Pop you like a pimple does not want This girl is crazy! Awesome! Men Women Emo Tough Baby Domo Old Without hand My Abs My Status Is From A Song When You Were Single Three Facts About You Tagged Pictures Zombies Eat Brains Really Stupid Fat People Stop Following Me Wanted Facebook is Like a Jail Excuse me do I know you Eat Lift Misc Sleep Repeat Restraining order Facts About You

At least I'm not an annoying pop-up

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