How To Create A Website: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide [Infographic]

You don’t have to know coding to create a website. With plenty of website builders and CMS platforms around that are beginner-friendly like Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, and Weebly, everyone can build a slick-looking website at little or no cost.

There are plenty of guides to creating a website. But, I felt that there was something missing – a complete guide that starts at the very beginning, from understanding how website works to picking the best website platform, and finally useful links and resources (after the infographic) to make a site. This guide is for individuals and small business owners with little to no coding experience, not for those who have a dedicated development team or big budget to develop a site from scratch. Let the fun begin!

How To Create a Website Infographic

Here are the links and resources for all website builders and platforms mentioned in the infographic:

Blogging PlatformE-Commerce PlatformWebsite BuildersEducation PlatformForum softwareSocial Networking Platform


Check out the full tutorial on how I create a self-hosted WordPress site ( in 10 – 15 minutes.

  • Pricing: Free (open source). Hosting and domain are not included.
  • Customizability: 
  • Ease of Use: 
  • Best For:
    • Professional bloggers/Serious in blogging
    • Internet marketers/Monetizing blogs
    • Looking for a full-fledged CMS platform that is very customizable
  • Domain name registrar: Namecheap
  • Web hosting: HostGator – excellent live chat support and uptime (this blog is hosted on HostGator)
  • WordPress themes:
  • Resources:
    • WPBeginner – an excellent WordPress resource site for beginners


3) Blogger

4) Tumblr

  • Pricing: Free (no custom domain)
  • Customizability: 
  • Ease of Use: 
  • Best For: 
    • Interacting with other bloggers (reblogging)
    • Posting more photos and videos than words
  • Tumblr themes

5) Medium

  • Pricing: Free (no custom domain)
  • Customizability: 
  • Ease of Use: 
  • Best For: Sharing your thoughts on a minimalist blogging platform

1) Shopify

  • Pricing:
    • Starter: $14/month (up to 25 products only)
    • Basic: $29/month
    • Professional: $79/month
    • Unlimited: $179/month
  • Best For: Small/medium online store

2) Bigcommerce

  • Pricing:
    • Silver: $29.95/month
    • Gold: $79.95/month
    • Platinum: $195.95/month
  • Best For: Large online store

3) Magento

  • Pricing:
    • Magento Community: Free (open source). Hosting and domain are not included.
    • Magento Enterprise: Quotation required. More features and functionality. Professional support is provided.
  • Best For: Large online stores with big budget (varies greatly from $2500 – $100,000 or even more)

Alternatives to consider:

1) Squarespace

  • Pricing: 
    • Personal: $8/month
    • Professional: $16/month
    • Business: $24/month
  • Best For:
    • Creating slick-looking websites easily with drag-and-drop editor
    • Those who are looking for a paid website builder. Currently the best website builder available.
    • Small business sites like restaurant and local business
    • Personal and group sites for music band, church, etc.
  • Squarespace templates

2) Wix

  • Pricing:
    • Free (no custom domain)
    • Connect Domain (Most Basic): $4.08/month
    • Combo (For Personal Use): $8.25/month
    • Unlimited (Entrepreneurs and Freelancers): $12.42/month
    • eCommerce (Best for Small Business): $16.17/month
  • Best For:
    • Those who are looking for free website builder. Currently the best free website builder available
    • Hotel websites. Wix has a online booking system app for managing reservations.

3) Weebly

  • Weebly For Education
    • Best for creating classroom websites, student portfolios, project websites, etc.
    • Pricing:
      • Free
      • Pro: $39.95/year
  • Campus Edition
    • A total package for school administrators to manage teacher and student accounts
    • Pricing: 30-day free trial available, $499/year

4) PhotoShelter

  • Pricing:
    • 14-day free trial available on all plans
    • Basic: $9.99/month
    • Standard: $29.99/month
    • Pro: $49.99/month
  • Best For: Photography portfolio website
  • Alternatives to consider:

5) TheKnot

  • Pricing: Free to create wedding website (no custom domain)
  • Best For: Wedding invitation website
  • Alternative to consider: WeddingWire

1) Edmodo

  • Pricing:
    • Free
    • Premium: $2500/year
  • Best For: Learning Management System for Primary/Secondary schools
  • Alternative to consider: Schoology

2) Moodle

  • Pricing: Free (open source). Hosting and domain are not included.
  • Best For: Learning Management System for Secondary/Tertiary schools, requires technical knowledge

1) Xenforo

  • Pricing: $140 per license, cheaper if purchase in bulk. Hosting and domain are not included.

2) MyBB

  • Pricing: Free. Hosting and domain are not included.

3) Vanilla Forums

  • Pricing: Free. Hosting and domain are not included.

Alternatives to consider:

1) Ning

  • Pricing:
    • 14-day free trial available on all plans
    • Basic: $25 (up to 1000 members & 2 admin)
    • Performance: $49 (up to 10,000 members & 5 admin)
    • Ultimate: $49 (up to 100,000 members & 10 admin)

2) BuddyPress

  • Pricing: Free (Open Source). Hosting and domain are not included.

3) Spruz

  • Pricing:
    • Free (no own custom domain, up to 50 member profile pages)
    • Starter: $4.95/month (up to 150 member profile pages)
    • Plus: $19.95/month (unlimited member profile pages)
    • Unlimited: $49.95/month (unlimited member profile pages)


1. How about Joomla and Drupal?
2. I'm interested in web development and want to build a website from scratch. How should I get started?

What is your favourite website builder or platform? Let us know at the comment section below. Also, feel free to suggest improvements or new resources. I will be constantly improving this guide when necessary!

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