13 Best Duplicate Photo Finders To Clean Up Your Albums

Finding similarly captured and duplicate photos can become an overwhelming project. This is where duplicate photo finders come in. Remember that you should always backup all files before doing any deletion, [...]

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7 Tools To Open and View Almost Any Files

Sometimes we download or receive file from others, only to see that we don’t have the necessary software to open it. Usually we download the required software to open that [...]

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Top 10 Free Facebook Video Downloaders

A typical Facebook newsfeed moves at such a furious pace that it can be impossible to find that funny video you watched just two days ago. But, if you ever [...]

Windows Snipping Tool

Top 10 Windows Snipping Tool Alternatives

So here you are, looking for an easier solution to the classic print screen, something that could save you time and energy – fortunately for you, snipping tools have been invented. [...]


7 Best Windows Sticky Notes Alternatives

Human short-term memory is notoriously frail, as everyone who's ever misplaced their keys knows. Though it's true that never before in history was our day-to-day memory tested with such an [...]

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