10 Free Online PDF To Word Converters (No Email Required)

If you wish to convert PDF file (.pdf) to Microsoft Word document (.docx) without any downloads, registrations, and email submissions, you are at the right place. There is no doubt that online converters are slower and less powerful compare to computer software, but online converters are much more convenient and suitable for occasional uses.

Here are the top 10 free online PDF to Word converters which I have tested and 100% working as of 11/6/2013.

Note: The first 5 converters are unable to recognize texts in scanned PDF , whereas the last 5 converters are able to convert scanned PDF to editable Word document by using OCR.



FreewareGenius.com rates PDFOnline.com as the most accurate online converter. It also provides some other online converters such as PDF to HTML, Word to PDF, and Web to PDF.



Online-Converter.com is not only a document converter, it is also an archive, audio, ebook, image, and video converter. All of the online converters are completely free, but the maximum file size allowed is 100MB for free users.



You can choose to convert PDF files to either .doc or .docx. The conversions seem to be slower at their main server, thus I recommend you to use their alternative server for faster conversions. It only accepts PDF files that are smaller than 30MB.



Go4Convert.com is a great website to convert different types of file formats as it offers lots of free online converters such as Word to PDF, TXT to DOCS, PDF to EPUB, etc.There is no limit on the document size.



Only a single click is required to upload the file and convert. Extremely convenient and easy-to-use.

Scanned PDF To Editable Word (OCR)


Free-Online-OCR.comProbably the best free online OCR as there is no size and page limit. It works surprisingly well in maintaining the layout and formatting of scanned PDF file. Highly recommended!

Google Docs

Google Drive

Google Docs extracts texts up to 10 pages and allows maximum file size of 2MB. Here are the 3 steps to convert scanned PDF to Word:

    1. Upload the PDF file to Google Drive.
    2. Under settings, check the box of “Convert text from uploaded PDF and image files“.
    3. Open the uploaded file.
    4. Download the file as Microsoft Word (.docx).



It has 3 output options: doc, docx, and rtf. The restrictions for non members are:

  • Maximum 2 pages for each conversion.
  • At least 5 minutes interval between each conversion.
  • Maximum 10 conversions per month.



NewOCR.com allows unlimited uploads and supports 58 languages. However, it requires several clicks to convert 1 page and the formatting of the document is removed. If you wish to convert all pages of the document, you have to manually select the pages 1 by 1 in order to copy or download the converted texts for each page.



There are 3 available output formats: doc, xls, txt. Free users are allowed to convert only the first page of the file and at most 15 images per hour.

Have you found any better online PDF to Word converters? Tell us at the comment section below!

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  • bromb

    You can use http://convertstandard.com to convert your PDF files to MS Word files.

    • Carl Cheo

      Thanks for your suggestion, but I can only find Word to PDF converter on the website. Can you specify the full link?

      • brom

        You can see it on the main page http://convertstandard.com/PDF2Word.aspx

        • Carl Cheo

          Not bad, I have tried converting 2 PDF documents and the outputs are pretty accurate, just with some aligning issues.

  • Anonymous

    Might be good to mention that the Free-Online-OCR does actually have a page limit; its 30 pages which is far more generous than any of the others, but is still an issue for anyone needing higher page counts.

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