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There are plenty of free IQ tests on the Internet, which claims themselves to be the best and most accurate tests. One of the most discussed IQ test is, a completely culture fair test which consists of 39 questions and has 40 minutes time limit. It claims to measure your general intelligence with pattern recognition and logic-based questions. But how accurate is the test? Is it reliable or a scam? Let’s have a look into its test questions and go through some in-depth comparisons between free and paid tests.

The Questions

Can you solve this?

First of all, all 40 questions basically have the same format as shown in the image above. You have to choose 1 out of the 8 choices that fits into the last piece of the logic puzzle.

IQ Test Result

Once you have completed the test, will show you the IQ score and a bell curve that compares your score with the population. The good thing about this test is you don’t have to register, submit e-mail, or go through any annoying ads and promotions throughout the test. But how valid and credible is the score?

If you do a simple search about the validity of on the web, you will see a lot of people boasted about their high IQ score, which will probably make you feel stupid. From this point alone, you can see how inaccurate these free IQ tests are.


There’s a reason why is regarded as one of the best free IQ test online. It is because there are too many scams online that inflate your IQ score and request you to submit your e-mail in order to get your IQ score. is definitely one of the better ones, that minimizes the effect of cultural variables and tests your general ability to solve problem, memorize, and learn.

Free IQ Test vs. Certified IQ Test

The main differences between free and paid IQ test are the length and time. Most of the free IQ tests have less than 100 questions and take less than 1 hour to complete. Certified IQ tests such as Mensa test cannot be taken online and must be administered by licensed psychologist. Besides, they usually have at least 2 sessions that test on your different abilities such as writing and reading, processing speed, memorizing, etc. The scores are then combined to calculate your full IQ score.

Conclusion is a well-designed free IQ test that is strictly based on general intelligence. However, the sample size is too small and it doesn’t test on different abilities. You might be a musical genius and fails this test badly, but this doesn’t mean you aren’t gifted or intelligent. You can treat as a fun IQ test that gives you a general IQ score (and generous), as this is probably the best IQ test you can get for free and online.

If you are willing to pay several hundred bucks to get an accurate score, go for a certified IQ test. Still, always remember that even the world’s “best” IQ test are not 100% accurate. You don’t need an insanely high IQ score to be a successful person in your life, according to Albert Einstein:

“Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work…”

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  • No accurate

    Its not accurate simply because the scores are skewed. They are skewed because

    A) it will attract smarter people that aren’t representative of the general population

    B) People can take it multiple times

    C) People could ,if they wanted to could save any of those 40 questions by using CTRL-PRINT and thus improve their scores by studying any of those questions

    D) you google the questions to find the answers or at least people claiming those are the answers(I haven’t checked out the answers so I don’t know if they are accurate or not)/

    So its not accurate in terms of the scoring but having said that the types of questions asked I think are very valid IQ questions.

    • Digitaljack1

      This would make it accurate if you are only basing your score on the first run through without prior knowledge of the questions or answers. My first run through has me at 133. Could of been higher but I had to rush on the last one when I so really close to figuring it out, of course I could of had it right, no way to know.

    • Benjamin Ko

      How low do you have to be to that what you just said.

      I can’t lie to myself… and that should be enough for you to take this test just once and call it a day.

    • Christopher J Ryan

      I like this response, well thought out. You can really Google these? Wow. That’s actually kinda sad.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about the test, but the reviewer is a semi-moron. “You might be a musical genius and fails this test badly”? What kind of pidgin English is that? He also attributes a famous Thomas Edison quote to Einstein. Worthless review.

    • Anonymous

      It’s an Einstein’s quote, genius! Try to use google, full-moron.

  • Anonymous

    Well on most I get at least over 130, including the official one I took and this one gave me a 112… so I’m not really quite sure about it.

    • Paul Russell

      Same exactly. I also got the impression my answers were properly thought through and most fit right when checked.

  • Anonymous

    The people leaving comments above are clearly geniuses since they didn’t notice that the word “Advertisement” appears a number of times on this page…

    • Carl Cheo

      Those are labels for banner ads, which are not related to the content. My opinions in this article is totally unbiased :).

  • Ryan

    Carl is right. Intelligence comes in many forms. When I look back at all the intelligent people I’ve met in my life, I see that they were all gifted in their own way, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t get a high score on this.

    • lili

      Nobody can be gifted in every way, that’s true.

  • Digitaljack1

    This test is designed to measure your fluid intelligence ala Raven’s Matrices. They are accurate questions and quite honestly some of the toughest ones I’ve experienced near the end. Mensa accepts results from over 200 styles of IQ testing. Some that do well on one test will not necessary do well on another test due largely to the fact that what determines intelligence is highly opinionated. This is why you should never judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. People have an innate desire to be seen as intelligent so it’s quite possible a lot of individuals who boast about having scored high might have looked up answers online or taken the test multiple times. There is no way to know for sure. It is also highly possible that the ones who don’t score high don’t feel the need to state their results so obviously it may seem skewed when in reality it is not. There are many variables one must take into account. In regards to the overall question of is this test a valid representation of IQ, my opinion is yes. This yes is only in regards to fluid intelligence though. Scoring low does not make you not intelligent.

  • truth teller

    This test is somewhat accurate when using your left brain functionality. To be honest I scored 105 which I guess is normal but then again I did in less than 8 minutes. The test allows you 40 minutes and I declined to actually use that time to figure the questions out properly. I think the true test of intelligence is being able to problem solve with limited time and resources. 105 in 8 minutes dealing with 39 question … yep that’s fun.

    I think the goal is to have fun trying to solve problems that you are not faced with on a daily bases. Nevertheless, I thought the test was fun. I mean there are ways to score higher – but I think those who consider themselves to be superior intellectually will have a problem with the test if they do not score in the high 130 +

    • Santiago

      everybody lies
      – Dr. House

      • Christopher J Ryan

        Wow. The best response here comes from a guy quoting Dr. House. Love the irony. In my non-clinical opinion, Santiago is probably f@cking brilliant.

  • Trevos

    Just for reference. On the same day, I did online Standford-Binet test for 126 and for 122. In my case, the is reliable even though the mentioned two tests have different question structures.

  • Santiago

    funny how “Mensa” in spanish (México) means Dumb

    • Christopher J Ryan

      This is by far the best response here! Estudié español en mi colegio pero eso fue hace muchos años (I used Google translate so I wouldn’t have to type those damned accent marks), but did not know that mensa meant crazy, haha. Ahorra, sin Google, yo nunca hablar espanol y solo hablo espanol en “present tense”. Pienso que eso examen es un partido solo. See, my Spanish, Mexican or Castllian, sucks.

  • Parker

    So if I scored a 133, does that mean I may actually have a higher iq?

    • lili

      No. It can or it can’t. It’s not representative, you need a paid test I think, but it means you are a logical person, it’s a good point 🙂

  • Alexander Boakye

    i got 148 on mine

  • John Shren

    Well, it seems everyone here has at least 140 iq haha.

  • Rajiv Kumar

    I did the test, how to get the result.

  • Anonymous

    It is entirely inaccurate. My official score is 27 points higher checked twice at a different age. Those were official tests and both qualified for Mensa, one was taken in my native language, the other in English.

    Real iq tests consist of many different parts and measure different areas of iq, as well as social skills, tendencies to addictions and criminal as well as suicidal tendencies as well. They are really accurate as to personality too.

    One of the highest areas of my iq is actually logics and I did not do well on this test at all. I scored in around 110, which is much lower than my real iq. Sure, I rushed through it and did not really think the answers through but still, I find the test to be very inaccurate as many have stated here.

    Also, take into consideration that when I talk about parts of iq, iq is split into two major categories; verbal and visual iq. You get a score for both. This test is incredibly visual and normal iq tests would test your verbal q as well and have many different types of questions not just images and patterns. I really think that this test is highly lacking, I even find many other online ones far better as those would test verbal q and other parts of the logical thinking of the brain.

    I am not saying this because I scored lower than on my official tests as I trust those far more, they are generally conducted by mental health professionals and are completely unbiased. I am basing my comments on comparing this test to those and finding how many areas of iq this test is lacking.

    I was very disappointed on how limited the questions were.

    • KawaiiDesu

      I’ve taken certified and free iq tests, and both net my IQ at 130-145, put me in the middle at 138, and my highest iq areas are logic and processing. I’m sure if you took time you would get scores similar to your own at, considering you are also a logical person. Also I scored about equally on visual and verbal, so that isn’t why my score was good.

  • RG Flar3

    i got 135 for the first run, but i put three question in blank (36,37,39) which i am totally no idea how to solve the question… putting those blank is the best way to show a fair result instead of guessing it and got it correct luckily. I hope someone can teach me how to solve those 3 questions.

  • Christopher J Ryan

    Several good points are made in the discussion. I did not read all comments. I will add, meekly given the low score I received after having a few, that it’s definitely not accurate. This test merely measures a few things at best – most of all pattern recognition. It was fun to take, though. My psychiatrist forced me to take a real IQ test in person. I tried to fail it and the tester saw right through me. A real test would include this bit but also much more. If you want to know your real IQ, ask your doctor to set you up for it. Don’t go running to Mensa with this. *Note: I consider Mensa to be just a social organization at best and I’ll leave my opinion of it at that.

  • Christopher J Ryan

    Another thing… I’m surprised by these exact numbers people are reporting for their IQs. I don’t know anyone who has taken a real test who received an exact number – it’s always a range for a result. On this site, I get it that you get an exact number, but not in real life.

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