10 Sites To Make Free Photo Slideshow Online With Music

Wish to share your memorable trips or events to your friends and family? Photo slideshow is always a great way to make your pictures look more interesting. You don’t need any advanced photo or video editing skills to create an excellent and professional looking slideshow. These websites will do the job for you. Simply upload your photos/videos, choose your favorite theme, and share the cool photo slideshow to anyone on the Internet.

Here are the 10 websites to create photo slideshow online with background music for free. All of them are web applications that do not require downloads or installations. Some of them have more advanced features such as animations, special effects, etc., which are suitable for those who are willing to spend more time and effort to make a slideshow that is highly customized. Hope you enjoy the list anyway!


KizoaKizoa is a free slideshow and collage maker. You can also store and edit your photos in Kizoa. Similar to Roxia PhotoShow, it has tons of extra features that allow you to add transitions, effects, text, music, animations, etc. In a hurry? No problem. Upload your photos and let Kizoa to randomly select the transitions that will be played between your photos to create a slideshow in 3 clicks.

Besides, you can also convert your photo slideshow into video to share it on Youtube. Simply the most powerful slideshow creator on the Internet.



PhotoSnack is a free photo slideshow maker that is incredibly easy to use. To create a slideshow, first you can choose to upload photos from 6 different sources: your computer, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, SmugMug or Instagram. Then, customize your slideshow by choosing 1 of the 9 free templates. You can also add background music into the slideshow. Upload your own audio file or pick 1 out of the 20 sound tracks available for free.

Lastly, publish your slideshow and it will be available online. You can share the link of your HTML5 slideshow to anyone on the Internet.

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PhotoPeach3 quick steps are required to make a slideshow instantly with PhotoPeach: Upload & arrange your images, Choose title & music, and Share your show or embed it in your blog/website. Similar to PhotoSnack, it doesn’t have many advanced features, which is ideal for users who wish to create simple slideshows without some fancy effects or transitions.


Slide.lySlide.ly is a fun and social way to create slideshow videos and share them to your friends and family instantly on social websites. Add photos from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, or Google images. Then, select music from Slide.ly’s huge collection of playlists, Youtube, or upload your own music. After that, you can add special effects into the video to make it look more professional.

Finally, publish the slideshow video and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, and more! Besides, your video is visible to all Slide.ly users, which people can like, share, and comment on your video.

Roxio PhotoShow

Roxio PhotoShowRoxio PhotoShow is not just a simple slideshow creator, you can make a video slideshow with your own photos and video clips combined. It has a lot more features to offer than the others – fun stickers, cool animated graphics, effects, bubble, border, hundreds of music tracks, over 150 beautiful one-click styles, etc.

Highly recommended to those who are looking for more customization and effects on their photo slideshow.

TripAdvisor TripWow

TripAdvisor TripWow

TripAdvisor TripWow is the best travel slideshow maker online. You can easily create a slideshow featuring your vacation pictures and your trip on a map with few simple steps. It has some great travel-themed songs as well as awesome themes that make your picture slideshow looks like a movie or TV show.

You can also download the video if it has been viewed more than 10 times online. Definitely a must try for those who are trying to make a cool travel or vacation slideshow.


AnimotoThere’s a reason why Animoto has been featured in several top news websites and blogs such as PCMag, The New York Times, CNN, etc.  It auto-generates cool slideshow videos from your photos and images with just few simple steps: Insert photos & videos, Customize your style, and Watch & share the awesomeness of the video. How awesome it is? Check out some of the example videos available at their homepage and you will understand.

However, do note that free users are only allow to create videos up to 30 seconds with limited video styles and music tracks.


PicoVicoPicoVico is another free slideshow web application. You can add text slides between photo and a maximum of 30 photos/text can be in the video. The thing that I really like about PicoVico is you can download the video slideshow or export it directly to Facebook/Youtube.


123-slideshowNot impressed by its web interface design? Never mind. You will be impressed by its ability to create flash slideshows of your own images within seconds. 123-slideshow.com is a free flash slideshow creator that is extremely user-friendly.

Firstly, choose 1 out of 8 transition effects that you like and upload 4 – 8 pictures. Next, choose the quality of the slideshow and you are able to download the SWF file immediately.


FlixTimeFlixTime allows you to create videos with different media formats such as MP4, FLV, and HD. You can add cover image, photos, videos, music, logo, and text slide into the video. However, you need to buy credits in order to download the videos, which will be stored 48 hours on their servers for free.

If you find any online photo slideshow maker that deserves to be in the list, do tell me in the comment box below!

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  • Mike

    Thanks for the great selection of slideshow makers!
    I’d have added Smartshow to this list (http://slideshow-maker.com)
    Simple and powerfull tool

    • Good addition. Great list of slideshow creators compiled.
      If you don’t already have music or need more options, download free from http://www.needmusic.com/. Thousands of tracks. Yes free!

    • Yes, I started using this program and thought it was wonderful, until I tried to add a 16th photo. I have at least a hundred for this slideshow. I won’t let you add any more unless you pay. A lot of these do that. I would like to find one that’s COMPLETELY free.

  • WillyG


    I also found this excellent one: http://www.comslider.com

    I’ve found it very simple and straightforward to use, and also has plently of image transition effects (inc. kenburns, modern 3D effects).. You can add image titles in HTML, …

  • I would like to add a very powerful yet easy tool which can create slide shows with background music in minutes. Check it here: https://www.motionshows.com/

    Disclaimer: I work for MotionShows.com.

  • Doug Dixon
  • Daniel Combs

    Do NOT use Slide.ly, they force you to follow their recommended users. Don’t waste your time with this one…

    • Daniel Roads

      Wrong Daniel, there’s a clear ‘skip’ button on the top line… 😉 nothing in the ‘follow’ is mandatory, next time some attention to detail before commenting on this awesome totally free app! following people is always a choice and never mandatory.

      • Jane M

        I tried to skip this clicking the NEXT button but it still circles back to it. Very frustrating.

  • Hello.
    Thank you, it is very informative. I would like to complete this list. Recently, I`ve found a very effective tool for slideshow making. It is simple in use. There are free options. The result is always perfect. I am excited!… Of course, You can create slideshow online, as there many sites suggesting to choose a design and upload your photos, then your order is processed either by designers or by some software. Another option is to download a program and deal with on
    your own (spending time on setup, training and montage).
    Here is an article from Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slide_show
    You can also watch a little video with overview of online services of slideshow
    creators: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiMlbiVYFB0&t=1s
    From online services I like

    If you want to download a program http://www.apimac.com/mac/slideshow/

    Have a nice day!


  • Daniel Roads

    Great list thanks! Tried Picovideo nice but Slide.ly rocks – was able to do a few of them 100% free which is awesome – and also stumbled upon their other tools (the collage was brilliant also free!) and Promo which is paid for business videos I’m giving it a try!

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