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How To Recover Corrupted PSD File In 5 Simple Steps

Corrupted or damaged PSD file is common when the saving process is interrupted due to sudden power loss, crashes, etc. Don’t worry, there are few solutions that might be able [...]

RAM (Image Credit - Laserlicht)

Where Can I Sell My Old RAM?

Have you recently upgraded your computer’s memory or bought a new computer? Do you have a device that had RAM in it and now you are not using it? Did [...]

How To Transfer OneNote Files To Another Computer

There are three simple steps you have to perform to successfully migrate your Microsoft OneNote files from one computer (A) to another (B): Find the location where computer A stores its [...]

5 Awesome Low Budget Mini PCs That Cost Less Than $150

The age when computers extended in whole rooms is gone forever, but maybe we should start thinking about our tower-age too… The rise of small handheld devices, Linux based operating [...]

9 Great Android Wear Apps That Caught Our Eye

Software without hardware is useless, as the saying goes, and this couldn’t be truer for Android Wear – an Android fork for smartwatches that was released in March this year [...]

Default Start Screen Background

How To Change Start Screen Background In Windows 8.1

The default Windows 8.1 Start screen background may look dull and boring for you, here’s how mine looks like before changing: You will probably get sick of it pretty soon, [...]


7 Best Digital Scrapbooking Software

Digital scrapbooking is a great way to preserve your personal and family memories in a book with gorgeous backgrounds and designs. Digital scrapbooking software allows you to easily resize and [...]

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