10 Sites To Repeat YouTube Videos Automatically

I believe most of the music lovers often find awesome songs to be addictive. You just want to replay the song continuously until you get enough of it (or never will). Repeating a YouTube video by manually pressing the play button is annoying and time-wasting. That’s when a automatic YouTube video looper comes in handy.

I have compiled a list of websites that allows you to replay YouTube videos for countless times at the background without having to worry about it. Some of them has included the feature to loop only certain part of a video, and few of them allows you to replay several video in a playlist instead of just a single video. Hope you enjoy the list!

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Replace the “tube” with “repeat” in your YouTube video address to replay a video. You can also add their Chrome extension to repeat YouTube videos at the click of a button. Besides, you can choose to play part of the video by selecting your repeat range with an easy-to-use slider.

Listen On Repeat


To repeat a video, just type “repeat” between “youtube” and “.com” and you will be redirected to ListenOnRepeat.com. It has a repeat counter at the bottom of the video, which shows how many times you have repeated a video. You can also search for a YouTube video directly from the search bar located at the top.

Besides, Android smartphone users can download their app on Google Play to replay songs and videos on your phone.

Infinite Looper

Infinite Looper

There are 5 different ways to loop videos with Infinite Looper, such as replacing “youtube” with “infinitelooper”, pasting the YouTube address in the search box, using the Infinite Looper bookmark, etc. Infinite Looper too provides a slider which allows you to replay only portion of the video.

Youtube Repeater

YouTube Repeater

Type “repeater” between “youtube” and “.com” to loop a video. You can also visit their website to search for YouTube videos that you want. It has a mini player that plays your video on a small window with tiny playback controls. However, it doesn’t seem to work on my computer, as I have tried to launch the mini player on both Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Endless Video

Endless Video

You can either copy & paste the video ID or type “endless” between “www.” and “youtube” to loop a video instantly. Endless Video also has a bookmarklet which replays a video with a single click. Looping part of a video is extremely easy with the slider and drop down menu.



PlayinUrTubez is not just a YouTube video repeater, it is a YouTube playlist looper. You can create a playlist to cycle through every video that are added in the playlist. Apart from that, if you are connected to your YouTube account, you can save the contents of your looper as your own playlist.

Loop The Tube

Loop The TubeLoop The Tube is the perfect place to find practice videos for guitar, bass, and drums. As you can see, you can select any of the 3 instruments and search for the practice video that you want to loop. You can set a loop start point and loop by using the “Set Loop Start Point” button.

Audio Video Looper

Audio Video Looper

Audio Video Looper allows you to create a song playlist easily from YouTube videos. You can create several playlist and the playlists are automatically saved by using local storage. It also has a slider which allows you to loop certain parts of a video. A great website to make your own YouTube song playlist.

EZ Looper

EZ Looper

EZ Looper has a clean and simple website interface which I really like. Simple copy & paste the YouTube video URL into the load bar to replay a video. Move the sliders which are located right below the video if you want to set the start and end points of the video.

Tube Repeat

Tube Repeat

Just like any other YouTube video looper. There are few different ways to repeat a Youtube video: search with Tube Repeat, copy & paste the video URL/ID, use the bookmark, or change the Youtube address.

Have you found any better YouTube video repeater or looper? Tell us at the comment section below!

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  • Irma Brown

    Thanks for the sharing this list, such a great resource here. There all well for loop a YouTube video but one more site I find in to web http://youreplay.com after deep research. And there I can do any YouTube video loop without to clicking any “play” option. By the way you also give a top sites list here and also I much like YouTube repeater and Infinite Looper. Thanks for useful resource…

  • JeanMarie

    yes… and this : http://www.youtubeyet.com/

  • Replayliste.com is an easier way to create Youtube playlists on the go. The playlist will be autosaved in session and will reopen from where you last left the site. It also has the option to Repeat Youtube Videos.

    You can add videos to the playlist by searching or adding youtube url.
    You can move videos up and down the playlist and also delete it from playlist.
    All videos will play sequentially in the playlist
    You can set repeat mode on for a video and play it continously.
    The playlist will be autosaved in session and will reopen from where you last left the site.

  • aditya

    Certainly a great list you have shared with us. I just wanted to mention http://youtubepipe.com. There are 2 versions of this site. On the landing page, you can loop your own created playlist. On the other hand, to loop a single youtube video, simply insert keyword “pipe” between “youtube” and “.com” in the URL. This site also has provided a bookmarklet which is draggable to bookmark toolbar. Next time whenever you want to loop a video, simply click the bookmark.

  • Marcus

    This one is pretty good -> http://youtuberpt.com

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