5 Best Address Label Making and Printing Software

Label making and printing might seem like an easy task to do yourself, but without the proper software, it will be very difficult to make sure your labels look professional and will come out of the printer correctly. If you want to do it yourself, you could use a word processor or similar program, attempt to line up each label with the correct printer label paper layout, and hope you get it right the first time. If not, you might end up wasting a lot of expensive paper. If you are planning on printing labels out frequently or even every once in a while, whether it is for return address labels or labels for CDs you’ve created at home, then you may wish to consider getting one of the following address label making and printing software programs in order to make creating and printing labels very easy for yourself.


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Business Card And Label Maker Pro (For Windows – free to try, $34.95 to buy)

Business Card and Label Maker Pro is a great program that allows you to design and print address, mailing, and shipping labels in addition to many other professional printing items you may need, such as business cards, postcards, envelopes, signs, and more. It also contains an impressive mailing database, mail merging capability, and even a barcode generator. While it may not look like the easiest program to use, it can help you create just about anything you might need when it comes to printing labels and cards.

If you need help getting started or don’t want to spend much time designing your labels, it has an abundance of templates to choose from. If you would like to be a bit more creative, you can create entirely custom labels as well. This program offers a lot of features in one. It would be great for personal or even business printing purposes, and it is very versatile to suit many of your personal and professional printing needs.

Label Making Software

World Label Designer (For Windows – free use for 15 times, $24.95 to buy)

World Label Designer is a great program for printing and labeling needs. This program’s approach is to fit over 50 standard label formats found in most office supply stores, making it easy to be sure that you will be able to print on any brand of paper. It also contains a database where you can store information for future use on other labels, so you can save mailing addresses for ease of use in future projects. In addition to this, you could also link the program to other databases in different formats, allowing you to connect it with other projects from different types of software.

World Label Designer provides plenty of images for you to use, but you can also easily upload your own clipart, logos, photos, and images in many common formats. This allows you to create labels as custom as you’d like, or you could stick to the program’s standard designs and layouts. It can also be used to create CD, VHS, Cassette, Diskette, and DVD labels, as well as many other designs. This means that the program offers many features for your printing needs in a very easy to use interface.

Label Making Software

Avery Design & Print (For Windows & Mac – free)

Avery Design & Print is a fantastic program if you are using Avery’s printing products. Avery offers many printing supplies, such as label sheets, business cards, name tags, and so on. While this program is free, please keep in mind that you may only be able to use the layouts with Avery products. However, other than this catch, it is a great and free program to use for your label designing and printing needs.

Another great feature about this software is that it is available for both PC and Mac—great news for all of the Mac users out there. This program allows you to personalize all labels, cards, name badges, and so on utilizing images from either the Avery gallery or your own computer. It allows the same functionality with fonts, leaving you to choose from their preloaded fonts or custom fonts you have created or downloaded onto your computer. One final feature that is very useful is the ability to upload designs online so that you can access them from any device with access to the program.

Label Making Software

Handy Label Maker (For Windows – free but limited to 20 contacts, $9.95 to buy)

Handy Label Maker, as its name may suggest, is very handy indeed. While its features may be a bit more limited or specialized when compared to other programs, it does its job very well. It is also incredibly easy to use, as you can see in the screenshot below. This program also allows you to import or export contacts from your email provider, such as Google or Yahoo. It also allows you to put a Company Name in its own field if you are using this for business, but you can omit this information if it is for personal use.

This program is perfect to use if you just need to make and print mailing addresses on labels or directly onto envelopes. You even have the option to choose different sizes of envelopes if you wish to print directly on those. It can also be used as an electronic Rolodex, allowing you to quickly look up contact information. Additionally, you can also save and manage contacts directly through the program for future projects.

Handy Label Maker

Label Maker Pro (For Windows – free to try, $59.95 to buy)

Label Maker Pro is primarily geared towards business printing, allowing you to easily design and print address labels, letterheads, postcards, envelopes, flyers, and more in full color. They offer many templates with graphics, shapes, and color blends. You can even link it to the data stored in your Microsoft Access and Excel documents. It also supports all standard printing paper stocks, allowing you to use any brand you’d like when printing the designs out.

This program is very simple and easy to use, and it even contains many features that may look familiar to people who have used programs such as Paint in the past. You can use it for designing and printing all sorts of projects in addition to labels, and you have many choices when it comes to setting your projects up. You can use their preloaded templates, edit the templates, or create your own from scratch. The convenient design tools allow you to easily do anything you’d like with your labels and other printing projects.

Label Making Software

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