11 Emoji Apps For Android To Express Yourself Easily

Emoji’s have become a right-hand men for all the texters out there whenever they have to express their feelings whether it’s happiness, anger or sadness. When we find it difficult to find words, we depend on these silly graphical emoji’s to do the work. However, as there are tons of emoji apps and keyboards out there, it can be difficult to find the right ones. Here, we are going to review some of the best emoji app available for Android phones.

Note: All the apps posted here were tested on Samsung Galaxy S5 running on Android 4.4.2 KitKat based stock ROM. The apps are divided into 2 categories: Emojis that are attached to their own keyboard app & standalone emoji app that works with any keyboard.

Emojis that are Attached to Keyboard App

1) Google Keyboard (Built-in)

 Google Keyboard (Built-in)

Many of us may not be aware that the Google Keyboard includes native emoji support since 2013 for smartphones running Android 4.4 and later. You can find out if your device is able to read and write emoji or not by visiting this emoji’s Wikipedia page using your smartphone. If a majority of emoji’s posted under the “In the Unicode Standard” section shows up properly, your device supports emoji. Like Swift, you can type using space-aware gesture typing and the app supports over 25 languages. The latest version supports hundreds of emoji’s and allow users to express themselves in any Android app. It’s also easy to create notes using on-the-go voice typing feature. The number of emojis are quite limited compared to other similar apps but it’s nice to get this feature in your built-in keyboard.

Notable Features:

  • Offers emoji layouts and entry point for Android 4.4, KitKat or later
  • Supports gesture typing with dynamic floating preview
  • Personalized suggestions
  • Keypress popup animations

2) Emoji Keyboard (Requires GO Keyboard)

Emoji Keyboard (Requires GO Keyboard)

Emoji Keyboard is a standalone plugin app designed for GO Keyboard that gives users access to a large collection of emoji and other smiley faces, emoticons for free. Existing GO Keyboard users can download this app directly. When you open GO Keyboard for the first time, you will have to go through two simple steps to make it your default keyboard. All the symbols included in the app are compatible with popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, SMS and are divided into different categories to help you easily find the one you are looking for. More than 10,000 attractive and colorful themes are supported and there’s also a configurable toolbar that gives you access to all the emoji emoticons with just a single click. If you don’t find any nice theme, you can set your preferred image in the background. Most of the emojis are cute and the collection is large enough to fully express your emotions!

Number of Emoji: 800+

Notable Features:

  • Various layouts like QWERTZ, QWERTY and AZERTY for phone mode and specific layouts for pad tablet
  • Includes a voice recorder plug-in that can transfer your voice into a different sound
  • More than 800 emojis divided into different categories
  • Doesn’t collect your personal info like credit card information or passwords

3) TouchPal – Free Emoji Keyboard

TouchPal – Free Emoji Keyboard

TouchPal – Free Emoji Keyboard is a nice looking keyboard with tons of features. All the features can be easily accessed right from the keyboard. Emojis included in this software are supported by a wide range of apps including Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Google Talk, Line and Wechat. Users can even Tweet directly from the keyboard. It can help you to save a large number of your keystrokes using contextual prediction and learn your writing style by following your contacts, Tweets and messages to provide personalize candidate outputs. You can access them by swiping the space button upwards and all the emojis are divided in different categories. As the keyboard includes more than 70 languages, you don’t have to worry about finding your language.

Number of Emoji: 900+

Notable Features:

  • Cloud backup and sync for saving your input habit and backing up your words
  • Word trends for updating trending phrases, words and language models automatically
  • Extended emoji pack available for download
  • Speed tracker and keyboard meter

4) Emoji Keyboard – Emoticons (KK)

Emoji Keyboard – Emoticons (KK)

Emoji Keyboard – Emoticons (KK) is a simple looking keyboard with some cute looking emojis and options customize color, font and layout. There are only two steps to go through and you get access to over 3000 smiley, emoticons, emoji, sticker and text face. It’s quite user friendly and can look for matching emoji for your words using the smart emoji prediction feature. However, free users don’t get to customize a lot and features like changing keyboard wallpaper, choosing always capital letter option and white theme are only available for Pro users. Moreover, it requires re-enabling after updating which can be a problem for some users. You can use emojis in email, SMS, chat and inside social apps.

Number of Emoji: 3000 (including emoticons)

Notable Features:

  • Word suggestions are quite accurate
  • Smart emoji prediction to match emoji with words
  • Support for more than 55 languages
  • Over 3000 emoticons, emoji, sticker, text face and smiley

5) Emoji Keyboard – color, emoticons

Emoji Keyboard – color, emoticons

Emoji Keyboard – color, emoticons is one of the best keyboard app available in Play Store if you are looking for a simple keyboard app. There’s no premium version to look for which is the best part and you can input emoji icons wherever you want. You don’t have to download any extra plugin or app to get access to over 3000 free emoji. There’s a search button that takes you to Google directly. You can change the keyboard background, customize theme color, background color and key text color just like other premium keyboard apps. Sometimes it converts emoji to MMS automatically but it can be changed by changing input mode to GSM alphabet inside SMS/MMS and text message settings.

Number of Emoji: 3000+

Notable Features:

  • Supports a wide range of input style including PC, QWERTY and QWERTZ
  • Input emoji almost everywhere
  • Key for cut, copy and pasting text
  • User-friendly UI

6) Emoticon Keyboard (with Emoji)

 Emoticon Keyboard (with Emoji)

Emoticon Keyboard (with Emoji) by IO Inc. is another simple yet attractive keyboard with a user-friendly interface. The collection of emoji and emoticon is quite unique and there are 1 million emoticons to choose from. There are only two steps to take care of to make this your default keyboard and you are done. You don’t have to download any separate plugin to get access to this large collection of emojis. Emojis are divided into different categories like favorite, happy, sad, etc and there’s also a search option to find emojis. If you are not looking for too much personalization options and want a simple app with lots of unique emoticons and emojis, you can think about trying this one.

Number of Emoji: 1 million

Notable Features:

  • 1 million attractive emoji and emoticons
  • Customizable background image and color
  • User-friendly UI

7) Emoji Keyboard

Emoji Keyboard by Appmanza

Emoji Keyboard by Appmanza is a simple emoji focused keyboard like its name suggests. There’s no customization option to look for but it’s quite fast and easy to use. You can use emoji in almost anywhere and there are only three steps to follow to replace it with your old keyboard. As there are only two keyboard, normal and emoji, you can switch between them very easily. However, you won’t be able to customize or personalize it much. There are no themes or font available to change in this app. Picture emojis are only supported in handcent SMS, Go SMS and Whatsapp which means there are very limited options. If you are looking for a simple emoji keyboard and personalization is not really important for you, Emoji Keyboard is just the app you are looking for.

Notable Features:

  • Fast and easy to use UI
  • Fast switching between emoji and normal keyboard
  • Very small in size

8) ai.type Emoji Keyboard plugin (Requires ai. type Keyboard)

ai.type Emoji Keyboard plugin

ai.type Keyboard – Free Emoji is another one of those emoji focused keyboard that requires installing a separate plugin to use emojis. The default theme is nice to look at and users get to change fonts, themes, colors and control keyboard layout. Its context aware features are quite useful and accurate which makes your typing faster. There is also a tool for checking grammar powered by Ginger Software inside this keyboard which is not usually seen in keyboard apps. As there are more than 800 emojis to choose from, it’s not difficult to find one that matches with your mood. Users can add emojis in SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, QQ and other popular apps.

Number of Emoji: 800+

Notable Features:

  • A built-in calculator inside keyboard
  • Context aware features are quite accurate
  • A wide range of customization options
  • Grammar checker

Standalone Emoji App (Can Use Your Own Keyboard)

9) Cool Symbols Emoji Emoticon

Cool Symbols Emoji Emoticon

Cool Symbols Emoji Emoticon by Small-world Co., Ltd. is a standalone emoji app that can be used with any keyboard. Emoticons and symbols included in this software are slightly different comparing to other similar apps. You can access to this app from your notification bar and insert emoticons and symbols in SMS, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you want more easy access to this app, you can enable the float button option. The only problem with this app is that emojis are sent in image formats. There are three free emoticon packs that can be downloaded from Play Store. If you don’t have any problem with the image format emoji, you can check out this app for unique emojis and symbols.

Number of Emoji: 1000+ (including symbols)

Notable Features:

  • Can be used with any keyboard easily
  • More than 1000 emoticon and symbols
  • Supports adding custom symbols

10) ^^ JapEmo: Emoji Emoticon Free

^^ JapEmo - Emoji Emoticon Free

^^ JapEmo: Emoji Emoticon Free is another emoji focused app like Cool Symbols Emoji Emoticon. Emojis are divided in 40 different categories like feeling good, animals, negative, love, etc. and can be easily accessed from the notification bar. As all the emojis are in universal format, only made of text, you can use them anywhere and recipients don’t need to install anything. Some of the categories are locked for free users and ads will be shown every now and then which are the only negative things I noticed in this app. If you are into colorful and cute emojis, you won’t like this app much. However, if you love Japanese emoticons, you are definitely going to find the emojis Kawaii.

Notable Features:

  • Emojis are made in a universal format
  • Can be used in almost everywhere
  • Very small in size
  • Easy to send and customize

11) StickerMe Free Selfie Emoji

 StickerMe Free Selfie Emoji

StickerMe Free Selfie Emoji is a completely different app from the rest of the apps I have reviewed so far. You get to create stickers using your own selfies as the name suggests. There’s also an option available for creating couple sticker. You have to take your picture very carefully to let this picture customize your image and it will be able to create more than 60 stickers using that pic. It was really surprising to see how it managed to transform my picture into student, prince and other Kawaii characters perfectly. You can use these stickers in popular apps like WeChat, Facebook, Line, etc. Although most of the cute sticker albums are paid, it’s still worth a shot if you want to create your very own emoji using selfies.

Number of Emoji: Not specified.

Notable Features:

  • Create original stickers using your own face
  • Different characters to choose from including student, prince, etc.
  • Supports posting in a wide range of social networks like WeChat, Kakao Talk, LINE and more
  • Simple yet attractive UI

This is our list of best emoji app for Android. Don’t forget to share your views with us once you are done trying these wonderful emoji apps.

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