7 Best Microsoft Outlook Backup Software And Tools

Emails and contacts are important data that you should back up regularly, but performing full backup on your Outlook files, folders, emails, and settings isn’t an easy task to do. You can either do it manually or install a Outlook backup software that backs up your Outlook data automatically. While backing up your Outlook data manually is totally free, it is a tedious task as there are tons of files and settings that you need to back up apart from your PST files. If you aren’t a DIY person or you simply don’t have the time to do it, the following Microsoft Outlook backup utilities and tools will help you to secure your Outlook data easily.

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Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate (free 3-day trial, $39 to buy)

Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate allows you to make full backup with a single click. Its “Smart Backup” option basically backs up everything on Outlook – your profiles, e-mail account settings, contacts, journal, rules and alerts, PST files, and any other important Outlook items. Or you can use its “Advanced Backup” option to backup certain profiles or Outlook items only, change backup settings (change destination location, adjust compression ratio, add password, etc.), and schedule backup.

Each backup is saved as a .obm file, which is a custom file format specially for backup and restore purposes of this software only. Restoring your Microsoft Outlook is also straightforward. Simply select a previously created backup file and choose items to be restored to get back your emails, items and settings. Lastly, Remo has another migrate feature that allows you to move your entire Outlook to another PC easily.

Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate

BackupOutlook (free 14-day trial, $39.95 to buy)

Sharing the same price tag with Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate is BackupOutlook, a Outlook backup utility that allows you to backup, restore, and migrate (by restoring a previous backup) your Outlook. Verify backup is a unique feature included in BackupOutlook that you can’t find on other Backup tools, which checks if there is any error or fault in your existing backups.

Both Remo and BackupOutlook are extremely similar in terms of price and features. I find Remo’s interface to be slightly more intuitive, whereas BackupOutlook has an extra “Verify Backup” feature that Remo doesn’t have.


MOBackup (free with limited features, $29.95 to buy)

MOBackup doesn’t have the best looking interface, but it certainly has the most impressive set of features. Backup, restore, and move all of your Outlook data easily with MOBackup. To create or schedule a backup, you have to go through 7 steps to choose which files, settings, options or even additional data from your PC to be included in the backup file. Simply click “Next” all the way if you wish to back up everything.

Besides, you can choose to restore partially or completely. There is another “Extract Data Files” button that allows you to extract PST files from your backup and include it into your Outlook without overwriting existing files and settings. A very useful function to access older data.

Apart from that, you can also find some useful Outlook utilities under the “Tools” menu – repair PST files, reset Outlook, read E-mail accounts, unblock attachments, correct address book view, and change default library.


Outlook Backup Assistant (free 30-day trial, $29.95 to buy)

Outlook Backup Assistant completely backs up all of your emails, important files, and settings, and store them into a single compressed ZIP file. You can customize, restore, view, and schedule backups easily with this Outlook backup utility.

Compare to the others, Outlook Backup Assistant has even more advanced backup options and settings, which makes your backups more customizable. However, more options doesn’t always mean better, as it would be slightly confusing to use, at least for me.

Outlook Backup Assistant

Safe PST Backup Free Edition (free)

Safe PST Backup, as its name suggests, is a PST files backup tool. After installation, you just have to specify the backup destination folder, and Safe PST Backup will back up your Outlook PST files automatically at every 4 hours, even when Outlook isn’t running. You can always change the default backup interval or turn automatic backup off. It uses incremental backup model, which backs up the latest changes made to your Outlook items, thus saving backup time and storage.

A simple and useful Outlook personal folders backup tool in overall. Probably the best free PST backup tool you can get. Upgrade to Safe PST Backup Enterprise Edition ($29.95) to remove ads, back up Exchange folders, and more.

Safe PST Backup Free Edition

BackRex Outlook Backup (free with limited features, $29.95 to buy)

BackRex Outlook Backup uses wizard typed interface that leads you through a series of steps to backup, restore, rollback, or schedule backup. It allows you to backup contacts, tasks, calendar, journal, notes, signatures, personal settings, address book, and more. Interestingly, you can also back up settings, extensions, bookmarks, favorites, and other customization of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers.

BackRex Outlook Backup doesn’t have the prettiest interface, but it does its job well. However, there are some better options from its similar priced competitors.

BackRex Outlook Backup

ABF Outlook Backup (free 30-day trial, $39.95 to buy)

As you can tell from the image below, ABF Outlook Backup has a very plain and straightforward interface. To back up your Outlook, you just have to go through 2 simple steps to select what to back up and where to save your backup. Same goes for its restore function, select what and where to restore and you are done. Nothing fancy nor impressive.

ABF Outlook Backup

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