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File repair is a tricky business, particularly for MOV files, for many reasons.  For one, there are numerous ways to corrupt files.  Viruses are some of the top offenders, but accidental data deletion and crashes destroy media files too.  The dangers are especially apparent in MOV files.  If a single frame is corrupted, it can destroy the entire file.

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To fix this, you will need to download proper file repair or data recovery software.  Your options are wide in terms of data recovery programs.  You can get some programs for as low as twenty bucks, but for anything worthwhile you are going to shell out at least eighty bucks.  Data recovery also focuses on anytype of file (MOV, JPEG, MP4, etc.).  For the sake of this list, we will focus on programs that are specifically for MOV files.  That narrows the options quite a bit.  The internet is loaded with online tools and quick fixes, but there is a limited selection of quality programs for MOV file repair.  Below are the three best, both in terms of price and usability.

Remo Repair MOV (For PC & Mac, Free trial with save disabled, $69 to buy)

Of all programs on the web, Remo Repair MOV has all the top reviews and is at the top of all the search lists.  With its bright, beautiful, and simple interface, it is hands down the most straight-forward program for MOV file repair.  Once it is downloaded, you simply click on the corrupted file and select “REPAIR.”  From there, the program analyzes the file and identifies the problem.  Once it has identified and resolved the issue, you can preview the file to see if the repair was a success and then save it.  The demo allows you to fix the file, but you can’t save it.  That is kind of a tease.  Even Stellar Phoenix will repair small files.  But, that is a small price for quality software.  Remo also takes up very little RAM, so your computer isn’t going to churn while it repairs files.  Any program on this list will work, but Remo definitely has the most bang for your buck.

Remo Repair MOV

Stelller Pheonix Mov Repair (For Mac, free repair up to 10MB, $49 to buy)

Since MOV files originated from Apple, it makes sense that one of the best MOV repair programs is Mac exclusive.  Stellar Phoenix is an all-around solid and easy experience, with the simplistic iTunes-esque interface to round it all out.  Stellar Phoenix works by breaking down the audio and video components separately and then rebuilds them to recreate the high-quality original content.  The program also lets you preview the file before and after repair, so you will be able to determine if the fix will be effective or not.  The ability to do batch repairs is also handy.  It will save you time and keep the whole process from feeling monotonous.  In terms of effectiveness, it is definitely worth the forty-nine dollar investment.  The trial version is nice, but it can only repair files up to 10MB in size, so if you are working on anything bigger (which is probably the case) you will have to purchase the full version.

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Yodot Mov Repair (For PC & Mac, free trial with save disabled, $69.95 to buy)

Last on the list is Yodot Mov Repair. It has a amazingly similar interface, features, and even price tag to Remo Repair MOV.  The repair process happens in four easy steps, and it allows you to preview the repair both before and after it takes place. In terms of simplicity, it doesn’t get any easier than Yodot.

yodot photo

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