6 Best Photo Collage Maker Apps for Android

Collage making is the art of composing different shapes and colors, cutting, glueing, tearing apart, moving things around and then glueing some more. Thankfully, when it comes to your pictures, you can skip the glueing part and just grab your smartphone and do the job in minutes! All that you’ll need really is a good collage making application, so here’s a list with the best available:

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Photo Grid

  • Free to use, in-app purchases

Photo Grid is the most popular collage making application out there and one of the main reasons for that is its very good integration/compatibility with the uber-popular Instagram photo service. It is super easy to use, incorporates many filters, editing tools, sketching abilities and a vast collection of available shapes and options that will comfortably allow you to reach the end result of your dreams.


  • Free to use, in-app purchases

While piZap is easy and fast to use, its vast customization options will surely take some time to handle for the undecided kind of characters out there. It features 1420 stickers, 1250 collage layouts, 37 vibrant and colourful filters, 70 fonts to choose from and many other boarders, frames and backgrounds. The ability to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and Tumblr, as well as the fancy editing tools complete the picture for the cool collage maker.


  • Free to use, in-app purchases

Moldiv is a modern simplistic approach in collage making on Android from the creators of the magnificent PicsPlay Pro photo editing suite. Moldiv can help you derive with a professional result that is suitable for use in any kind of media as it can export to the highest resolution supported by your device. The rich selection of high quality presets, styling effects, adjustment tools and sharing options leave nothing to be desired from this well-made application.

Photo Fancie

  • Free to use, in-app purchases

Photo Fancie is a small (in size) and light photo collage making application that is suitable for older and weaker Android devices. With the only main drawback being the relatively low exporting resolution, Photo Fancie can work with you on many different aspect ratios and orientations, perform basic photo editing tasks,  stick stickers and use one of the 200 available grid layouts. The user interface is also quite easy to get used to and work with.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage
  • Free to use, in-app purchases

Pic Collage is another very popular collage making application that conquered many Android users with its “import from Facebook account” functionality. It supports touch gestures to make editing and adjusting photos easy and realistic, while its integration with Aviary photo effects takes it to the next level of usability. Transforming your dull photo collection into an astonishing postcard is now simple and can be done in minutes with Pic Collage.


  • Free to use, in-app purchases

Instaframe is a photo collage app that is focused around simplicity and speed. All you need to do is select one of the 90 available templates, choose the photos that your collage will consist of and then share the result on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Tumblr. Additionally, you can also apply effects, use outlining, change background or use one of the hundreds of stickers found in Instaframe. All is done quickly and seamlessly, and the result is in HD for all elements used.

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