How To Transfer OneNote Files To Another Computer

There are three simple steps you have to perform to successfully migrate your Microsoft OneNote files from one computer (A) to another (B): Find the location where computer A stores its [...]

5 Awesome Low Budget Mini PCs That Cost Less Than $150

The age when computers extended in whole rooms is gone forever, but maybe we should start thinking about our tower-age too… The rise of small handheld devices, Linux based operating [...]

Recycle Bin

How To Get Deleted Files Back After Emptying Recycle Bin

It happens to all of us. Maybe you accidentally emptied your Recycle Bin after a disk cleanup, or you subconsciously pressed SHIFT+Delete key combination that permanently delete selected files without [...]

Seagate HDD By Eric Gaba

What Is The Normal Hard Disk Temperature?

People often pay more attention to their processor (CPU) and graphic card (GPU) temperature rather than their hard disk drive (HDD) temperature, which is not the right and recommended way. [...]

laptop by Heinrich Böll Stiftung

How Do I Make My Laptop Faster

Laptop has generally less powerful hardware than similar priced desktop, but portability is the main reason why most people choose laptop over desktop nowadays. While notebook is getting more and [...]

MyCleanPC Homepage

My Clean PC Reviews

Does My Clean PC work? Is My Clean PC safe? I have received similar questions from my readers and friends about the validity and legitimacy of and its software, [...]

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