6 Free Online Calendar Makers

Calendar is always useful to check out dates, keep track of your important events, plan your daily schedule, etc. You can easily opt to make your own calendar with customized design, formatting, and layout. There are plenty of calendar makers that are free to use on the Internet.

Here are the six best free calendar creators. Some calendar generators allow you to add photo and most of them are printable. Hope you find them useful!

Time and Date

Time and Date

Time and Date is simply the best online calendar creator with tons of customizing options. The basic calendar customizer allows you to select your country, calendar type and period, display type, languages, etc. If you are looking for more advanced configuration such as changing the calendar template, title & text formatting, and colors, the advanced calendar customizer is the better option for you.

After creating your calendar, you can bookmark, print, or save it as a PDF file. Besides, Time and Date also provides a calendar generator which creates a calendar for any year.

Yearly Calendar Maker

Yearly Calendar Maker

As you can see, it requires 6 simple steps to create a free yearly calendar with your own photo. You can choose to display the photo at the bottom right, right, background, or top of the calendar. Then, select a year, upload your photo, enter a caption, and select a font to generate your calendar. The generated calendar can be saved or printed.

Yearly Calendar Maker is part of the My Calendar Maker family of sites. You can check out their main site to create personalized photo calendars or My Free Calendar Maker to create yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily calendars.



WinCalendar provides free calendars templates that are blank, printable, editable, and available in Word (.doc) and Excel (.xls) formats. All of these calendar templates are free to download, with different size, layout, and format. WinCalendar too has calendar templates with US holidays and calendar templates for school.

Apart from that, WinCalendar has its own desktop calendar and calendar maker software that is free to download. Check this out for more information about their software.


CalendarLabs' Custom Calendar Maker

You can create yearly calendar, monthly calendar, or calendar that displays up to 48 months with this custom calendar maker. The generated calendar is also printable.

Apart from the custom calendar maker, CalendarLabs too provides some other free calendar services such as PDF calendar, school calendar, photo calendar, desktop wallpaper calendar creator, calendar templates, and much more!



CalendarHome offers 6 free calendar templates & generators: photo calendar, plain calendar, any year calendars, web calendar, 10,000-Year Perpetual Calendar, and 100-Year Perpetual Calendar.


HTML Calendar Maker

At FreeHTMLCalendar.com, you can easily create a calendar and download it as HTML document. You can print the calendar or use it on your website easily.

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