8 Free Online Font Converters And @Font-Face Generators

Found a really gorgeous font but it is not available in your desired format? Trying to add @font-face to your website? In this article, you will find plenty of free font converters and @font-face kit generators which don’t require registration or email.

Font Converters

Common steps to convert a font format: Select the input file from your local machine, choose the output font format, and font converter will generate the converted font file for you.

1. FreeFontConverter

Supported Font Formats:
pfa, pfb, pt3, sfd, ttf, otf, otb, t42, cef, cff, gsf, ttc, svg, ik, mf, dfont, bin, suit, bdf.

Convert To:
ttf, otf, svg, pfa, pfb, bin, mm.pfa, mm.pfb, pt3, t42, cid.t42, cid, cff, cid.cff, sym.ttf, ttf.bin, dfont, otf.dfont.


2. Everything Fonts

Supported Font Formats:
ttf, otf, woff, pfa, pfb, pt3, t42, ps, woff

Convert To:
eot, otf, woff, svg, afm, pfa, pfb, ps, pt3, t42, apk

Everything Fonts

3. Fonts2U

Supported Font Formats:
ttf, otf, pfb, dfont

Convert To:
ttf, otf, pfb, dfont


4. Font Converter.org

Supported Font Formats:
ttf, ps, TeX Bitmap Fonts, otb, bdf, fon, fnt, otf, svg, ttc, abf, afm, bdf, dfont

Convert To:
ttf, otf, fon, pfb, dfont, afm


5. Files-Conversion.com

Supported Font Formats:
otf, fon, pfb, font, otb, bdf, fnt, abf, bdf, woff, pfa, ofm, pfa, pfb, cid, ttc, hqx, pcf, sfd, dfont, bin

Convert To:
ttf, otf, bin, svg, pfb, dfont, afm


Font-Face Generators

Font-face generators normally creates a zip file with the 4 converted font files: ttf, eot, svg, and woff, a CSS file with @font-face code, and a demo in HTML (some generators).

6. Font Squirrel

Probably the best and most popular online @font-face generator. Font Squirrel provides 3 types of conversions: basic, optimal, and expert. The generated zip file includes a great demo in html format.

Font Squirrel

7. Font2Web

Font2Web too includes a demo HTML file in the zip file.


8. Convert Fonts

Covert Fonts includes the 4 converted font files and a @font-face CSS file, without any demos or extras.

Convert Fonts

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