How To Recover Corrupted PSD File In 5 Simple Steps

Corrupted or damaged PSD file is common when the saving process is interrupted due to sudden power loss, crashes, etc. Don’t worry, there are few solutions that might be able to recover the PSD file that you have been working on for hours. Here’s the first method and your best chance to restore the damaged PSD file in 5 quick steps.

1. Download Remo Repair PSD and install it.

Setup - Remo Repair PSD

2. Launch Remo Repair PSD after installation completes. Click Browse to select your corrupted PSD file.

Remo Repair PSD

3. Click the huge Repair button.

Repair PSD file

4. Once the repair process completes, you should be able to see the recovered PSD/PDD file along with its layer and mask files. Click Preview to check whether the PSD file is successfully recovered.

Preview Repaired PSD File

5. If you are able to view the PSD files, congratulations! Click Save to recover your PSD file. Do note that this requires you to purchase the full version of Remo Repair PSD, as the Save button is disabled in the trial version.

Save Repaired PSD File

If Remo Repair PSD doesn’t work…

1. You should also give Stellar Pheonix PSD Repair a try. It works similarly to Remo Repair PSD, but Stellar Pheonix PSD only supports Adobe Photostop CS5 and below.

2. Photoshop stores its temporary backup files at C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Local\Temp. You can try lookup for the previously saved PSD file there. Do note that AppData folder is hidden, you need to enable display of hidden files and folders to access the folder.

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