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There are plenty of free IQ tests on the Internet, which claims themselves to be the best and most accurate tests. One of the most discussed IQ test is, a completely culture fair test which consists of 39 questions and has 40 minutes time limit. It claims to measure your general intelligence with pattern recognition and logic-based questions. But how accurate is the test? Is it reliable or a scam? Let’s have a look into its test questions and go through some in-depth comparisons between free and paid tests.

The Questions

Can you solve this?

First of all, all 40 questions basically have the same format as shown in the image above. You have to choose 1 out of the 8 choices that fits into the last piece of the logic puzzle.

IQ Test Result

Once you have completed the test, will show you the IQ score and a bell curve that compares your score with the population. The good thing about this test is you don’t have to register, submit e-mail, or go through any annoying ads and promotions throughout the test. But how valid and credible is the score?

If you do a simple search about the validity of on the web, you will see a lot of people boasted about their high IQ score, which will probably make you feel stupid. From this point alone, you can see how inaccurate these free IQ tests are.


There’s a reason why is regarded as one of the best free IQ test online. It is because there are too many scams online that inflate your IQ score and request you to submit your e-mail in order to get your IQ score. is definitely one of the better ones, that minimizes the effect of cultural variables and tests your general ability to solve problem, memorize, and learn.

Free IQ Test vs. Certified IQ Test

The main differences between free and paid IQ test are the length and time. Most of the free IQ tests have less than 100 questions and take less than 1 hour to complete. Certified IQ tests such as Mensa test cannot be taken online and must be administered by licensed psychologist. Besides, they usually have at least 2 sessions that test on your different abilities such as writing and reading, processing speed, memorizing, etc. The scores are then combined to calculate your full IQ score.

Conclusion is a well-designed free IQ test that is strictly based on general intelligence. However, the sample size is too small and it doesn’t test on different abilities. You might be a musical genius and fails this test badly, but this doesn’t mean you aren’t gifted or intelligent. You can treat as a fun IQ test that gives you a general IQ score (and generous), as this is probably the best IQ test you can get for free and online.

If you are willing to pay several hundred bucks to get an accurate score, go for a certified IQ test. Still, always remember that even the world’s “best” IQ test are not 100% accurate. You don’t need an insanely high IQ score to be a successful person in your life, according to Albert Einstein:

“Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work…”

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