Norton 360 Or Norton Internet Security: Which One Should I Buy?

Symantec corporation has always been regarded as one of the top computer security software companies among its competitors. Two of its most popular internet security suites, Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security are consistently rated as the fastest and strongest internet security suites by experts.

However, consumers are often confused about the differences between these two products and unable to decide which one is better for them.

In this article, I will conduct in-depth comparisons between Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security, so that you can decide the best software for you.


Firstly, let’s make it clear on what do Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security offer within their software. Norton Internet Security provides:

    • Malware & Viruses Prevention
    • Personal Firewall
    • Phishing Protection
    • Email Spam Filtering
    • Parental Control

Norton 360 has every features included in Norton Internet Security, plus:

    • Backup & Restore
    • PC Tuneup


1. Price – $49.99 vs $59.99

The current price of Norton Internet Security 2013 is $49.99, whereas Norton 360 costs you $59.99, an extra 10 bucks. The question is, does Norton 360 worth for the extra 10 dollars?

2. Extra Features In Norton 360 – Backup & PC Tuneup

With the extra $10, you get both backup and PC tuneup features in Norton 360.


The backup system allows you to store backup locally or online by using the 2GB hosted online storage. If 2GB of online storage is too little for you, you can also get Norton 360 Premier Edition 2013 which includes 25GB of online backup.

By default, Norton 360 backup your new or changed file automatically, but you can always set a backup schedule instead. Besides, you can easily access your backup files online from other computer, as long as the computer is connected.

PC Tuneup

Most of its tuneup services such as disk defragmentation and file cleanup are running automatically in the background by default. Other services such as disk optimization, diagnostic report, startup manager and registry cleanup can be launched manually whenever you want to.

3. Customizability – More Flexible vs Set & Forget

Norton Internet Security has more tweaking options than Norton 360. Even though Norton 360 has all the settings found in Norton Internet Security, they are usually “hidden” and slightly harder to configure.

In short, Norton Internet Security is more suitable for advanced PC users whereas Norton 360 is designed for those who are looking for full protection without much customization.

4. Release Date

Norton Internet Security releases earlier than Norton 360 (normally on September). Norton 360 is usually released about 5 months later (normally on February).

Advantage of early release

Norton Internet Security users experience the new features and latest technologies earlier than Norton 360 users.

Disadvantage of early release

New features and technologies might bring undiscovered bugs or problems for Norton Internet Security users, which will definitely be more improved and stable by the time when Norton 360 releases.


Buy Norton 360 if you:

  • don’t mind to pay the extra 10 bucks for the extra features.
  • doesn’t have any backup or PC tuneup software and need one.
  • are a normal computer user who are looking for an automated, all-in-one, set-it-and-forget-it protection.

Buy Norton Internet Security if you:

  • are looking for a cheaper security suite regardless of the extra features.
  • have your own backup or PC tuneup software.
  • are an advanced computer user who wish to have full control on the security settings.
  • wish to get the latest updates and technologies as early as possible.

Still can’t decide? You can always sign up for a 30-day free trial before making the final decision, or check out Norton’s homepage to discover more security products.

Which one do you think is better? Do you have any experiences with any of the security products? Tell us at the comment box below!

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