7 Online Rulers In Metric And Inches

Are you desperately looking for a physical ruler to measure things, but can’t find one? Don’t worry. There are plenty of free virtual rulers on the Internet. Here are some websites that provide online virtual rulers in both metric (cm and mm) and inches (in).

Calibration of these rulers are normally done in 3 different ways: by referring to your monitor pixels per inch (PPI), by comparing the size of common objects, or by referring to your screen size in inches. Therefore, I have arranged the list according to their calibration methods. Do note that online rulers are generally not as accurate as physical rulers, especially online rulers that are calibrated according to your screen size.

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Monitor PPI

Actual Size Ruler

Actual Size Ruler

The most accurate online ruler in this list. It uses your monitor pixels per inch (PPI) to display the actual size of the ruler, with high accuracy. Here is a PPI calculator to calculate your monitor PPI. Actual Size Ruler also allows you to adjust the graduation of an inch on the ruler.

Compare To Common Objects – bank card, banknote, etc.

PiliApp Online Ruler – cm | inch

PiliApp Online Ruler

You can move the ruler freely on your screen by selecting “drag it”. Also, if you are not really sure about your monitor size, PiliApp has a comparing tool to help you.

Sylen’s Online Ruler

Sylen's Online Ruler

LifeSizer Online Ruler

LifeSizer Online Ruler

Screen Size



Apart from the online ruler, MyOnlineRuler also has an online ruler for iPhone (by displaying the ruler vertically), printable rulers in different colors and sizes, and a pixel ruler to measure objects in pixels.





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