10 Tips To Stop Wasting Time on Facebook [Infographic]

You visit Facebook on every device you possess, checking your feed and notifications every 5 minutes and ignoring real social interactions around you. Now, you have probably read a lot of “break the addiction” posts that simply say you should deactivate your account. We don’t. 90% of the time you will just get on three days later and reactivate it.

Here are the 10 tips:

1. Guilt trip yourself. Install timeStats right now to track your time spent on Facebook.

2. Follow informative Facebook pages. Rebuild your news feed. Like Facebook pages that improve yourself. Here are 3 must-follow pages: TEDNational Geographic, and I fucking love science.

3. Limit time spent. Install StayFocusd. Set maximum time allowed to 20 minutes per day. It’s free and takes less than 3 minutes to setup.

4. Go outside. Try Meetup.com and Eventbrite. Join Facebook groups with outings. You can easily find events nearby.

5. Turn off unnecessary Facebook notifications.

  • For Website: Click on the arrow at the top right corner. Select Settings > Notifications.
  • For Mobile App: Tap the menu button. Select Account Settings > Notifications > Mobile Push.

6. Ignore friend requests from unknown people. Acquaintances don’t count too. Do you have more than 1000 friends? Clean up your friend list now.

7. Turn off Facebook chat. You will receive significantly fewer messages. Some people are just too bored and looking for someone to chat with.

8. Interact less. Do you really have to like or comment on a pointless post? Think twice before you interact.

9. Post less status updates. Don’t post more than 3 times a day. Unless you want to be labelled as an attention seeker.

10. Most people don’t give a shit about you. It’s a fact. Don’t waste your time trying to impress others. People mostly care about their own problems, needs, and goals only.

10 Tips To Stop Wasting Time on Facebook

Interesting & Tweetable Facts:

  • American users spend around 40 minutes on Facebook each day, and about 2 hours on exercise each week >> tweet this <<
  • If you spend 1.5 hour on Facebook everyday, you will waste 7 months in 10 years >> tweet this <<
  • 97 million & 11.2%. Estimated number & percentage of fake Facebook accounts >> tweet this <<
  • 338. Average number of Facebook friends among adult users >> tweet this <<
  • 50k. Average number of thoughts per day. If someone thought about you 50 times/day, that’s 0.001% >> tweet this <<
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