Top 100 Free Windows 8 Apps

51. AccuWeather (continued from page 1. Category: News & Weather)

A beautifully designed weather app that shows current weather as animations at the background. AccuWeather also provides in-depth weather details such as potential health risk, UV index, wind speed, etc.


52. MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar is not an ordinary weather app. It displays animated weather radar at your current location. You can easily see which weather is coming your way on the map.

MyRadar Weather Radar

Health & Fitness

53. Gym Guide

The best workout app for Windows 8. Select the body part that you wish to train and Gym Guide will show you a list of exercises with instructions, pictures, and video.

Gym Guide

54. Daily Workouts

Daily Workouts is more of a fitness app rather than a muscle building workout app. It targets both men and women. You can find 5 – 10 minutes daily workout routines that can be easily done whenever you are free, to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Daily Workouts

55. Woman Calendar

Keep track of your monthly period with this app. Some extra features include daily journal to track your daily mood and symptoms, daily horoscope, pill reminder for family planning, etc.

Woman Calendar

56. Digital Health Scorecard

Are you practicing a healthy lifestyle? Calculate your health score by answering to 7 key questions: gender & age, BMI, physical activity, drinks & tobacco, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Digital Health Scorecard helps you to understand your risk of developing common chronic diseases and discover ways to improve your lifesytle.

Digital Health Scorecard

Food & Dining

57. Cocktail Flow

An outstanding cocktail app. Find a cocktail recipe by name, type, or color. Also, you can simply enter the alcohols you have and Cocktail Flow will look for suitable recipes for you.

Cocktail Flow

58. Allrecipes

Allrecipes has over 40,000 recipes included with photos, nutrition information, ratings, and reviews. There are 4 ways to find recipes: browse the ideas section, enter the ingredients you have, select dish type, or select dietary preference.


59. CookBook

CookBook extracts over 300,000 recipes from 9 different sources. Find recipes by typing keywords or browse categories. All recipes are also printable.


60. Everyday Food

Learn how to cook delicious foods fast with easy-to-follow recipes and video instructions. Browse recipes by ingredients, course, preparation time, occasion, etc.

Everyday Food

61. YumvY Cooking Companion

YumvY doesn’t have as many recipes as other cooking apps, but it makes cooking easier and more organized by guiding users through one step at a time. It supports up to 4 simultaneous cooks, with timers and reminders to assist your cooking.

YumvY Cooking Companion


62. Craigslist+

Craigslist is the most popular online classified advertisements site, but you have to admit that the site design is too old and not optimized for touch screen users.

Craigslist+ solves this problem by offering a whole new browsing experience for Windows 8 users, with its user-friendly interface. Craigslist+ also supports multiple cities search at one time.


63. Oprah Winfrey Network

Get expert advice, inspiration, videos from Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), articles, and recipes from this app. Most of the contents focus on self-improvement, lifestyle, health, food, relationship, and home.

Oprah Winfrey Network


64. eBay

A great app for frequent eBay users. Key features such as search, watch, buy, sell, bid, and leave feedbacks are included.


65. Newegg

Newegg is one of the largest computer stores online. This app is well-designed, fast, and easy-to-use, which enhances your shopping experience at Newegg.


66. Best Buy

Best Buy is a consumer electronics retailer that sells technology products at competitive prices. Browse, read reviews, and purchase items easily with this app.

Best Buy


67. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one of the top flight comparison websites. A great app for frequent travelers who are looking for cheap deals from various airlines and travel agents.


68. Bing Translator

The translations might not be perfect, but a translator app comes in handy when you are traveling at foreign countries. You can type the text or snap a picture of any printed text that you wish to translate, and you will get the translation in both text and speech formats.

Also, you can download the offline language packs to use the translator without going online.

Bing Translator

69. INRIX traffic

Get real-time traffic information with this app to save your time and money. INRIX will find the best route to reach your destination in the shortest time. You can also view traffic incidents such as accidents and construction on your route, if there’s any.

INRIX Traffic

70. gMaps

gMaps is a third party Google Maps application that has most of the features that you will need: get directions, local search, Google Latitude, Street View, voice search, and more.


71. XE Currency

XE Currency converts every world currency with live rates that are updated every minute. You can also view the currency charts for historic rates.

XE Currency


72. Bank of America

The Bank of America’s official app. Check balances, deposit check by snapping photos, send money by using email address or mobile number, pay bills, receive alerts, and locate ATMs/banking centers with this app.

Bank of America

73. Yahoo! Finance

The best finance app to access market and stock information, investment portfolios, and latest finance news.

Yahoo! Finance

74. All About Money

All About Money is a personal finance app to manage your expenses, income, and savings. It helps you to analyze your finances and track your spending, thus improving your financial situation.

All About Money

75. Currency Converter +

Keep track of the currency and precious metals market with Currency Converter +.

Currency Converter +


76. Yahoo! Mail

A must-have for Yahoo! Mail frequent users.

Yahoo! Mail

77. Calculator Free

A beautifully designed calculator with changeable background and easy-to-tap buttons. Suitable for simple calculations only.

Calculator Free

78. Calculator+ HD

Looking for a scientific or graphing calculator instead? Calculator+ HD is the perfect option for you.

Calculator+ HD

79. Toolbox for Windows 8

Toolbox for Windows 8 is a superb multitasking tool. There are currently 12 included tools in this app: calculator, web browser, unit converter, Facebook, notifier, voice notes, weather, doodle, world clock, notes, Twitter, and stopwatch.

This app allows you to run up to 6 tools at one time, by dragging the divider between running tools to customize the layout. You can create and save your own favorite layouts too.

Toolbox for Windows 8

80. OneNote

The official Microsoft OneNote app for Windows 8. OneNote is an excellent note taking app, which allows you to draw or type notes easily. You can also sync all of your notes via SkyDrive to your device.


81. Windows 8 Cheat Keys

Windows 8 Cheat Keys is a must-have for beginners who are still learning to use Windows 8. You can learn shortcut keys, gestures, and features by searching the keywords. Also, this app will introduce you a few tips on everyday through notifications and live tile updates.

Windows 8 Cheat Keys

82. Code Writer

Are you a programmer? If so, you can’t afford to miss this app. Code Writer is the best code editing app for Windows 8. It is similar to Notepad++, which supports syntax highlighting and 20+ programming languages.

Code Writer

83. To-dos

To-dos is a simple yet useful app that displays your to-dos in the live tile.


84. TeamViewer Touch

TeamViewer Touch is specifically designed for Windows 8/RT tablet users. Remotely control your computer from a tablet with this app.

TeamViewer Touch

85. Metro Commander

Looking for a file manager? Metro Commander allows you to manage your files on your tablet or desktop without switching into desktop mode. View, search, move, create, extract, delete, preview, play, share, rename – all in this app. You can also connect to your SkyDrive account to manage online files from Metro Commander.

Metro Commander


86. Google Search

Google Search is one of the only two Windows 8 apps (another one is Google Chrome) that Google has developed. This app works amazing well to search web pages, images, videos, news, and more. Voice search is also available. Besides, you can access Google Search from Search Charm easily.

Google Search

87. Unpacker

Unpacker is a file decompression tool that supports most of the popular archive formats such as ZIP, RAR, 7Z, JAR, etc.



88. Norton Studio

Norton Studio is not an antivirus software. It is designed to view and manage Norton products of your devices. To use Norton Studio, you need to register Norton products of your devices such as Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, and Norton 360. Then, you can view security statuses and statistics, fix security issues, and more from this app.

Norton Studio

89. Norton Satellite

Norton Satellite is a complimentary security product that scans your Facebook feed, Twitter timeline, Dropbox files, SkyDrive files, and local PC for security threats. Do note that your device must be connected to the Internet in order to use Norton Satellite.

Norton Satellite

90. LastPass

LastPass is a password management app to store your login details, which you can then use to launch sites with your login details automatically filled. Also, you can sync your data to the cloud to access your passwords from other devices. Lastly, the secure note feature allows you to store credit cards, passports, etc.



91. Box

Majority of the Windows 8 users has switched from Dropbox to Box due to the lack of basic features and inability to upload files in the Dropbox app. Box is by far the best alternative to Dropbox for both personal and business uses. Box comes with 5GB of free storage. You can access, view, share, edit, and manage your files with this app.

For business users, this app allows you to share files with your co-workers, get real-time updates, post comments on files, etc.


92. GetHired

Looking for a job? Simply enter the job title, locations, country, job type, and listing dates and getHired will display related results from 8 different job sources. You will be surprised by its accuracy and amount of results that getHired is able to extract from its large database.


93. Stimulsoft Designer

Stimulsoft Designer is a report designer and generator app for touch screen users. It is rated as near perfect by most users for its ability to produce beautiful reports effortlessly.

Stimulsoft Designer

94. PC Monitor

Securely manage and monitor your IT infrastructure with PC Monitor. It helps you to manage your network remotely by performing administrative functions such as reboot and update. Free users are allowed to manage up to 5 computers or applications.

PC Monitor


95. Khan Academy

Learn almost everything for free with this app. Khan Academy has collected over 4000 micro lectures from various subjects, which are suitable for everyone, not just students.

Khan Academy

96. Star Chart

A great astronomy app to explore the Solar System and space. At outdoor, hold your device up to the night sky to explore the stars or point it down to the ground to know how the night sky appears for people on the other side of the earth, with augmented reality technology. At indoor, you can use it to learn more about the space with beautiful graphics.

Star Chart

97. Programming Tutorials

Select a category or language that you wish to learn and you will find useful and informative tutorial videos easily. Suitable for beginners or experienced programmers to refresh their programming knowledge with these great tutorials.

Programming Tutorials

98. BrainPOP Featured Movie

BrainPOP Featured Movie provides short animated movies with educational content for kids. Learn something new everyday with cool video and interactive quiz to test your knowledge.

BrainPOP Featured Movie


99. Army Weapon Systems Handbook

Wonder how the US Department of Defense invests on projects? Interested in military technology? This app explains the weapons systems that the US Army are currently using or developing. You will get to see the projects in detail with technical descriptions and images.

Army Weapon Systems Handbook

100. Population Clock

Keep track of the world population with real-time data from United Nations. You can also view population by country or region.

Population Clock

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