7 Drop-Dead Easy Ways To Keep Your Windows Desktop Organized

Desktop is similar to your wardrobe, room, and work desk. It can get messy easily if you aren’t practicing some good habits to keep your desktop organized. A messy desktop will decrease your productivity and affect your mood. I always practice some simple rules that keeps my desktop clean and neat, as I will get irritated whenever I see a cluttered desktop.

Here are some extremely simple yet effective tips to organize your Windows desktop. You don’t have to install any software or tools to implement these steps. Let’s have a look on my Windows 8 desktop before we begin:

My Desktop

1. Pin Daily Used Software To Taskbar

Is there any applications or tools that you use almost everyday? Drag or pin them to your taskbar now. It only requires a single click to open applications on your taskbar. Imagine how many clicks you will save in a year if you follow this step.

Pin Software To Taskbar

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2. Remove Anything That You Use Less Than Once A Week

Scan through all of the icons on your desktop and ask yourself: Have I use any of them on this week? Remove them immediately when you answer is no. There are 3 ways to remove shortcuts and files from your desktop:

  1. Completely Useless? Delete them.
  2. Still useful occasionally? Pin them to start menu.
  3. Files from the different categories (music, documents, games, etc)? Sort them into folders.

Sort Files Into Folders

3. Choose A Clean Wallpaper

Choose a wallpaper or theme that will cause least distraction to you. Here are some great sources of wallpaper/theme that you should check out:

Spectacular Skies Theme

4. Auto Arrange Icons OR Sectionize Them

If you have more than 2 columns of desktop icons and you wish to separate them into sections, you may consider to sectionize icons by dragging them into groups (refer to the image below).

Else, simply right click on your desktop -> View -> Auto arrange icons.

Sectionize Desktop Icons

5. Deselect “Create A Desktop Icon” During Installations

Always remember to deselect “Create a desktop icon” when you are installing a program, unless you need to use the program frequently.

Deselect Create A Desktop Icon

6. Hide Unwanted Icons

You can hide unwanted icons such as Recycle Bin and Computer from your desktop. Right click on your desktop -> Personalize  -> Change desktop icons -> Deselect any desktop icons that you wish to hide.

Hide Unwanted Icons

7. The Extreme Way: Hide All Desktop Icons

Find desktop icons annoying? Simply right click and deselect “Show Desktop icons“. Now you can only see your beautiful wallpaper and taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

Hide All Desktop Icons

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