Where Can I Sell My Old RAM?

Have you recently upgraded your computer’s memory or bought a new computer? Do you have a device that had RAM in it and now you are not using it? Did you upgrade your business and now there are a lot of memory chips in all those old computers?

RAM (Image Credit - Laserlicht)

If you’ve bought a new computer and now looking for an option to send the old one to a junk yard, make sure that you remove the memory chips before you do that. Wherever you can find these tiny chips, just take them out. They could be your buried treasure.

Are you wondering as to why you would do that?

You can make money with your unwanted or old computer memory. It is surprising but true.  It is a quick and easy way to generate cash. All the memory chips that you do not need can be sold for a price. The options are numerous.

1. Sell it to popular online RAM buyers

There are sites that are buying these RAMs directly from people and they are more convenient and hassle free because the details needed are minimal and they figure out the rest on their own. They offer good price too, if that is what your next question was going to be! They buy all sorts of memory chips, DRAM, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, SODIMM, SIMM, DIMM, RDRAM, etc, the list is quite long.

The price offered depends a lot on the market demand and supply of that kind of chip, there is no fixed price but they have very fair prices for these products. The competition in this market is so immense that they generally pay well. Some of the popular and reliable sites are listed here for you.

2. Sell it while buying the new chip

Another way is to sell the memory chip to the same store where you are buying your new one from. Most of them buy it, but there may be some that do not. You can always check your options before you finally choose a store to buy it from, hand them over the old one and save on your new purchase.

3. Sell it on online auction sites

Many people who look for things and shop online may be interested in buying your memory chip to be used by them personally. Just like you they are also trying to upgrade their computer memory. There is another category of buyers who extract the metals and they have no use for the memory chip really, but how does it make a difference to us about what they do to the chips after we have made a good bargain and got our money. Most of the commercial buyers buy them to format, make them functional and sell them again.

When you are posting an ad online you have to mention all the details like the kind of RAM it is. A “gold fingered RAM” or is it a “RAMBUS”. Moreover, you have to weigh it  and mention the weight of the chip. Normally all these details are not known to people. That is why EBay, craigslist and other similar websites become a little difficult for people who are not as deep into these technical things.

Does that mean that you cannot sell it them or take help from an engineer friend to post the ad for you? No!

4. Take out all the metals from the chip on your own

Yet another way is to extract the precious metals like gold, silver and copper from it and sell it bit by bit. This is the most tedious way and it is quite difficult to accomplish this task. Taking all that time to take out chips and then segregating the metals, not worth the hard work.

Just go online, compare the prices being offered and make a good bargain. There would not be much of a difference but choose the one that suits you.

It is not so difficult to get rid of all that junk and get paid for it.

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