Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review: An All-In-One Video Utility

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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is not just a video converter, it is also a DVD ripper and burner, online video downloader, and video editor. It comes with Wondershare Player, a free video player that is bundled with Wondershare Video Converter.

Its interface is simple and modern, with 3 of its main features tabbed at the top. Navigating between tabs and functions are extremely easy and straightforward, even for first-time users. Drag-and-drop function allows you to easily add files and videos.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Interface

Video Converter

Wondershare accepts all of the common media file formats such as MP4, MPEG, WMV, AVI, FLV, etc., and even some rarely used formats like NSV and RealMedia. Apart from media files, you can load DVD from your DVD drive, folder, or ISO/IFO files.

With more than 158 output options, you can convert your video to virtually any format. Some output options are conversion templates with optimized settings for playback on specific devices and platforms such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series, LG TV, PSP, PS3, and many more. You can even convert any normal 2D video to 3D with its 2D to 3D converter.

Supported Input Media FormatSupports wide range of file formats

Before converting your video, you can also do some basic editing with its useful editing tool. Easily trim, crop, rotate, flip, add effect, add watermark, add subtitle, and view the changes with the output preview. Certainly a handy tool that everyone will love to use when necessary.

Basic Video Editor Preview added effect with output preview

What about its conversion speed and quality? This is probably your main concern if you convert videos and movies on regular basis. Wondershare claims that its product converts 30 times faster than other converters, which is certainly not true, unless it compromises majority of its quality for speed.

To find out Wondershare’s conversion speed, I have done a comparison test with one of the top-rated and best free video converter – Handbrake. This test is conducted by using the identical video file and same conversion settings for both converter. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate took 4 minutes and 50 seconds to convert a 2.5 minutes long MP4 video to MKV, whereas Handbrake took 15 minutes and 17 seconds to convert the same video (note that I was using a mid-end laptop with low CPU clock speed, you will probably get much better results). Although Wondershare’s conversion speed is impressive, I do notice some slight quality loss in its converted video, which is not a good news for videophiles.

Summary: Supports wide range of file formats, useful video editor, impressive conversion speed, decent video conversion quality but not the best.

DVD Burner

Its DVD burner allows you to add DVD menu with some pre-designed templates, or you can add background picture and music on your own. It doesn’t allow you to configure much on the burn process, other than the aspect ratio and quality settings (high quality, standard, or fit to disc). I would love to have at least the ability to change its burning speed.

DVD BurnerSummary: A basic DVD burner that is good enough for basic burns.

Online Video Downloader

Downloader certainly a handy feature for those who love to download and watch web videos. Easily download videos with its browser extension (which you will be prompted to install) or simply copy the video URL and paste it in the converter window. I’ve tried it on some popular video-sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Yeoh, etc., and Wondershare’s video downloader successfully grabbed and downloaded all of them.

Online Video Downloader

Summary: Great video downloader that works on most of the popular video-sharing sites.

Wondershare Player

Lastly, let’s talk about Wondershare Player, a separate media player that is also included in this product. It is a surprisingly lightweight and easy-to-use media player that supports wide range of media file formats, which allows you to test converted videos immediately.

You can always uninstall Wondershare Player and use your favorite media player, but I find Wondershare Player to be comparable with VLC Player, with even sleeker interface.

Wondershare Player

Summary: A powerful and fast video player that can be uninstalled at anytime.


Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a complete, powerful, and easy-to-use video utility software. If you are looking for a video converter that allows you to burn DVDs, watch videos, and download online videos at the same time, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the perfect option for you. However, if video conversion quality is your top priority, you should check out Movavi Video Converter. You may also consider to download Wondershare’s free 30-day trial before making your decision. For those who wish to purchase Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate ($59.95), you can get 20$ off here (for Mac users click here) by using this coupon code: CARL-SKJ3-WVCU.

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